Best 3 Data Science Courses and Certifications Online

The fact that the data science industry is growing at a rate of CAGR of 27.6% and is expected to reach a market size of US $695 billion by 2030 (according to Polaris Research), makes it one ssis 816
of the most lucrative industries of the present times. It has already been labeled as the sexiest job of the 21st century and the World Economic Forum 2023 Report has ranked data science jobs as the 5th fastest-growing jobs in 2023. So what could be a better excuse than these facts to invest and grow in this exciting career?

In this article, we discuss the top data science certifications that you can do online to start and grow in your data science career. The data science certification programs mentioned here come from the most reputed brands which are widely recognized across all the industries around the world. With these certifications under your belt, you can definitely land your first data science job or advance to the next level. So let’s explore.

Top online data science certifications and courses for a great career in data science

Here are the best data science certifications from top universities, tech giants, and certification institutes that will make you an expert in data science:

1. Professional Certificate in Data Science: Harvard University

The Professional Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University is an online program that teaches the skills and knowledge needed to become a data scientist. The program covers various topics, including probability, regression, machine learning, data visualization, and the use of the R programming language.

It can be completed at your own pace within 6-12 months, and there are no prerequisites for enrollment. The program is taught by Harvard faculty and industry experts, and upon completion, you receive a Professional Certificate from Harvard University. The cost of the program is US $991. It is a flexible and affordable option that focuses on high-demand skills and can help advance your career in data science or related fields.

2. Data Science Specialization: Johns Hopkins University

This online Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University provides the necessary skills and knowledge to become a data scientist by covering important data science concepts such as probability, regression, machine learning, data wrangling, visualization, and R programming. This self-paced program can be completed in 6-12 months, and no prerequisites are required for enrollment. The courses are taught by Johns Hopkins faculty and industry cti signages
experts. Upon completion, you receive a Specialization Certificate from Johns Hopkins University, which can enhance your career prospects in data science or related fields. The program offers flexibility, affordability, and a focus on high-demand skills. It consists of 10 courses and costs $49 per month or $399 for the entire specialization. There are no eligibility requirements, and anyone can apply for the program.

3. Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™): USDSI®

The Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™) program offered by the United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®) is an advanced-level certification program in data science. It covers various topics such as data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, big data analytics, data visualization, predictive modeling, business intelligence, and data ethics.

The program is self-paced and can be completed within 4-25 weeks. While there are no prerequisites, a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics is expected. Upon completion, you receive the Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™) certification, which can enhance your career prospects in data science or related fields.

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The program offers flexibility, covers a wide range of topics, and is suitable for advancing your skills. It consists of 9 modules and costs US $885 which can be paid upfront or in installments using Klarna. There is the option to get a 10% discount under their SuperEd program for professionals as well. Since there are no eligibility restrictions, anyone can apply for the program.


These are some of the best data science certification programs that can be completed online at your own schedule and convenience. These fundamental to advance level certifications require a nominal time commitment of at least 2 to 10 hours per week. Under these programs, you get the best study materials that cover the latest and trending concepts in data science that can make you future-ready for a career in data science. Having these best data science certifications under your belt, you get added advantage to outcompete other candidates for the job roles you apply for. Recruiters pay extra attention to certified data science professionals that not only help you to get the job but also increase your chances of getting higher salaries. So, don’t miss the opportunity, invest in yourself and get certified.

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