Protecting Your Pets From Iguana Attacks: 5 Essential Tips

Iguanas are fascinating creatures, often spotted in various parts of the world. While they might appear harmless, iguanas can pose a threat to your pets if they feel threatened or provoked. 

Here are five essential tips to ensure the safety of your beloved furry companions as well as your kids and elderly family members in iguana-prone areas.

1. Understand Iguana Behavior

The first step in safeguarding your pets is understanding iguana behavior. Iguanas are generally docile creatures but can become aggressive when they feel cornered or threatened. 

It is crucial to recognize their body language, such as head-bobbing or hissing, which are signs of irritation. If you see an iguana displaying such behaviors, it is best to keep your pets at a safe distance.

2. Leash And Supervise Your Pets

When walking your pets in iguana-populated areas, always keep them on a leash and under close supervision. Dogs, in particular, can be curious and may approach an iguana out of curiosity. Keeping them on a leash allows you to control their movements and prevent unwanted encounters. 

Additionally, maintaining a watchful eye on your pets ensures you can react quickly if an iguana approaches. If you contain your pets in one place, it will be easier for you to keep the area secure from iguana attacks. 

3. Create A Secure Outdoor Space

If you live in an area where iguanas are common, consider creating a secure outdoor space for your pets. Fencing with fine mesh or screens can help keep iguanas out while still allowing your pets to enjoy the outdoors safely. 

Make sure the enclosure is tall enough to deter climbing and escape attempts. You should also consider Emergency Iguana Control ft. Lauderdale fl to help you get rid of iguanas without hurting anyone. 

4. Educate Your Pets

Just as it is essential to educate yourself about iguana behavior, it is equally crucial to educate your pets. Train your dogs to respond to commands like “leave it” or “stay,” which can be valuable in redirecting their attention away from iguanas.

Cats can also be trained to stay away from potentially dangerous encounters. Consistent training and practice can save your pets from harm.

5. Iguana-Proof Your Garden

Iguanas are herbivores and may be attracted to your garden’s plants. To protect your pets from potential encounters, consider iguana-proofing your garden. You can use safe devices or fences that can keep this intruder away. 

Choose plants that are less appealing to iguanas, such as those with spiky leaves or strong scents. Additionally, you can use fencing or barriers to keep iguanas out of your garden space. 


While iguanas are intriguing creatures, it is essential to prioritize the safety of your pets in iguana-prone areas. Understanding iguana behavior, keeping your pets leashed and supervised, creating secure outdoor spaces, educating your pets, and iguana-proofing your garden are all vital steps to ensure your furry companions remain safe from potential iguana attacks. By following these tips, you can enjoy the beauty of these reptiles while keeping your pets out of harm’s way.

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