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Not Everyone Is a School Student In order to learn what you actually want to learn, there are simply too many required classes. I’ll stop here with the entire homework and test system. Rather than spending a fortune who invented walking on a college education, there are numerous means of self-education that can be completed quickly. If you’re looking for some post-high school knowledge, you can save $200,000 by skipping the Writing 101 class:

Are you too reliant on the university system to completely abandon collegiate education? However, you can still attend lectures at any time of day from the convenience of your own home. Additionally, many prestigious universities offer online lectures, so you won’t have to miss anything except frat parties. Hundreds of lectures are recorded at Berkeley and made available online in a variety of formats.Here, you can view all of their free courses.

The following is a list of their website’s free courses:

Abuse Your Local Library: Libraries are one of the most useful and underappreciated of the stupid things our government spends money on. They contain thousands, if not millions, of books that condense the knowledge of those who took the time to acquire it and cared enough to record it. The library is a huge source of knowledge that is just waiting to be programmed into us, just like in the movie The Matrix, where Neo is trained by having information programmed into his head like “I know Kung Fu…” Therefore, go ahead and abuse it, but keep an eye out for those annoying late fees. is a great option for purchasing books because: 1) It costs a lot less! 2) Having audible books makes it possible for you to “read” and, as a result, learn anywhere that you back to school necklace have an mp3 or CD player. Depending on your plan, one book will cost you less than $7.49. There are currently upwards of 60,000 titles in their library, ranging from classic works of fiction to cutting-edge non-fiction. For those who aren’t particularly interested in literature, the website also has stand-up comedy, speeches, podcasts, radio shows, magazines, and television.


Instructive Sites – Locales like Wikipedia, HowStuffWorks and VideoJug (a site that makes sense of everything through client transferred recordings) are astounding for speedy learning. These websites do exactly what the internet was originally designed to do—share knowledge. Abuse them completely!


Google College – is the absolute most integral asset on the web for getting what you need assuming you know how to utilize it. Try searching “ ________” and entering what you want in the search box for this task. Eg. Search for “ lecture evolution” to view an online lecture on vvolution. You won’t have to wade through advertisements for online schools or Darwin rants on obscure forums because this method of searching only goes through university websites and brings you directly to the content you want. Spend time with a group of people who challenge you more intellectually. The people around you definitely have an effect on how you think and feel. You will engage in ignorant conversation and activities if you hang out with intellectually shallow individuals! Therefore, start interacting more with friends who actually pose a challenge to you to stimulate yourself. Even if they occasionally come across as pretentious, you won’t have to shut down your brain to enjoy their company. So that you can be as effective as possible in your search for knowledge, make your social time a supplement to your learning process.


Exercise Your Brain: Crosswords, puzzles, memory challenges, and even the odd math problem can help keep your brain young and sharp. As your brain’s processing power and memory capacity increase, learning will only get easier. There are many reasons why children learn more quickly than adults do, but the most important reason is that their brains are constantly engaged and challenged to learn new things. Keeping your brain dynamic is an unquestionable requirement for expanding your capacity to suck up information like a wipe. Overhaul Your Brain has additional strategies for this.


Travel – There are such countless various disciplines, instructive projects, world perspectives, and particularly various individuals all over the planet. Experiencing other cultures can only help you learn more and become more intelligent. Even the Ph. If a D holder does not know anything outside of his own country, he is ignorant. Even if you know everything about American language, politics, news, and science, you still don’t know enough about 99 percent or more of the world. A good place to start is to become more worldly if you want to increase your intelligence.


In every possible way, test yourself. Find out how to do something on your own if you don’t know how. Identify your mental and emotional weaknesses and confront them head-on. Even if you only have street smarts, it will make you smarter.

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shyam shyam
shyam shyam
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